Prepare Your Gutters For The Next Hurricane or Storm

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August 7, 2015
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Prepare Your Gutters For The Next Hurricane or Storm

hurricane gutter damage

Get out your ladder. Go around your house and make sure your gutters are free of leaves and debris. This is highly recommended by all government agencies and safety services. By the time it’s hurricane season it is likely more than half your leaves have fallen and they’ve clogged your gutters. Add in the amount of rain that you get with a hurricane, and it’s a recipe for water in your basement or flooding your front or back porch, leaky ceilings, and more.

Extend your downspouts. Keeping water away from your foundation is critical when there is a lot of rain. A downspout that only extends the length of the curve is downright dangerous. Even on that extends three feet isn’t good enough. Downspout extenders or even a length of downspout attached to the downspout elbow can keep the ground around your home from getting over saturated. Water can seep through the walls of your foundation if the ground gets too wet.

Check your window wells. Cover them if you can to keep out excess water and debris. If a gutter were to clog, it’s often a window well that fills with water first. The seals around the windows won’t keep water from pouring into your home. Keep a bucket handy and check your window wells often during the storm. A little preemptive bailing can keep you from a wet basement.

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